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Esther den Boer

Esther has years of experience as a violin teacher and violin coach, and she has consciously chosen to develop a private practice based on the vision that each violinist deserves separate attention.

Coaching is fully focused on the individual learning style of the student.

Violin teacher

In addition to her private practice, Esther is a violin teacher at the CKC, Center for Art and Culture in Zoetermeer and the UCR,, University College Roosevelt in Middelburg.

In the learning process of musicians she has an eye for the total image of the pupil in character and movement possibilities. She calls upon different facets of the pupil in terms of musical preferences, imagination and creativity. This results in personal, musical and expressive music-making as a result.

Because Esther believes in  teaching a good basic technique, she has obtained a certificate in addition to her Bachelor of Music degree for the post HBO refresher course for violin teachers at the HKU

Esther has a curriculum for both the starting and advanced violinist. Also, customized violin lessons are possible!


Violin Coach

Esther believes that it is of the utmost importance that “body, soul and spirit can work together in harmony while making music.”

Music must be free! Motor and mental barriers affect the violin. Violinists regularly encounter problems with violin-technical skills, which can be traced back to the basis of their play.

Esther has a feeling for the instrument, works on natural motor movement with awareness of her own body, a skill she can pass on to the student.

Her way of looking “to the total person” as a violinist makes obstacles in the motor and mental area become visible. With her direct approach, she knows how to solve violin-technical problems and so she ensures a correct “mindset” during music making.

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Injury Treatment

Pain complaints are game breakers! Pain complaints limit your freedom of movement and cause a mentally negative spiral during music making.

Esther has a lot of experience in the field of physical activity and mental well-being. She has been able to combine her medical and violin technical qualifications in her violin practice in a unique way. Her special interest in playing the violin in combination with bodywork  (in addition to medical knowledge) led her to collaborations with physiotherapy, Feldenkreis, Dans and movement therapy.

Blockades are traced down by Esther’s movement analysis. She tackles pain complaints by performing body work in the basis of the students’ playing technique. The result is pain-free play with a healthy violin technique.

Esther believes that an injury not only takes possession of your body but also affects your mental condition. Esther’s approach to helping injured violinists supports both areas.

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Individual… Violin lessons

Vioolles... Individueel

Starting Violist

6 years and older

Violin playing makes you happy!

Learn to make music with a very special instrument. The violin is made of wood and the bow has real horsehair.

It is unbelievable that you can conjure up the most beautiful music with this? What a challenge!

Would you like to see if this is your instrument?

Starting Violist


The violin offers a challenge!

Making your own sound with hairs and strings is a unique experience.

In the individual lessons you will have all the personal attention you need in your discovery of the violin. Based on good technique you will learn how to make music in a natural way.

Play the violin and tell your own musical story.

Advanced Violist

all ages

Get more out of your violin play!

Deepen your technique through free motor skills.

In the individual lessons personal attention matches your game level. You will developed You will develop suppleness in your regional and left hand technique, sound depth, accurate intonation and free vibrato.

Play freely and expressively! Learn to tell a story.


Customized… Violin Lessons

Vioolles... Op maat

Would you like to play compositions or orchestral parts with suppleness?


Apply for custom made violin lessons!


Your specific area of ​​attention will be dealt with in depth. From a free motor you work on sound quality and a confident intonation. In the basics of your technique you learn to achieve more results with less energy. You study compositions or orchestral parts with insightful reading. This gives added convenience when performing technically and musically.

Customized Violin Lessons means deepening in your playing


Follow the Short Course Package of 10 lessons!

Especially for advanced violinists


  • Tone quality
  • Intonation
  • Regional technique
  • Vibrato
  • Technical-musical reading
  • Study Strategies


Violin Coaching…
Playing freely


Viool Coaching

Violin Coaching

Are you looking for freedom in your play, playing without inhibitions or blockades?

Are you looking for more sound quality or a free vibrato?

Are you looking for mental relaxation during music making?

Why Violin coaching?

You want to achieve more results with less energy!

A violin technique that emanates from suppleness will develop from a natural state of movement. The cause of inhibitions lies mostly in learned and conditioned movement patterns in the basis of your play.

During the Violin Coaching these movement patterns are brought to the surface. You develop a free way of playing that will fit you without blockade. Your violin sound can be released. You experience more sensation  in your body during play. This helps you develop expression during your play.

Mental impediments create an unhealthy motor system. Violin coaching helps you dismantle unconscious thoughts and turn them into a positive “mindset”. The goal is to be able to make music with Head, Heart and Hands in harmony.

Play freely and expressively. Learn to tell a story!

Short Track Coaching (STC)

Coaching trajectory of 10 contact hours

Body-oriented work on the basis of your play.

  • Motion analysis
  • Lifting blockages
  • Increase sound quality
  • Natural motor skills
  • Integrate at your own level of play

Mental Boost Podium (MBP)

Coaching trajectory of 3 contact hours

Mentally become aware and focus.

  • Awareness
  • Dismantling thought patterns
  • Breathing
  • Body and space
  • Focus
  • Contact


Pain during violin playing
restoring your playing condition

Pijn bij vioolspelen... herstel je spelconditie

Violin Injury?

Pain complaints are game breakers!

When making music becomes a painful experience you create inner conflict.

Your body says no to what you ask.
You ignore pain signals because your musical goal is higher.
With mental strength you “push” yourself through your limitation.
Unwillingly you end up in a vicious circle of pain.
Get out of the injury circle!

Pain-free playing should be your limit!

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Get in balance with your instrument!

From a stable base.
With minimal effort of muscle strength.
In collaboration with a positive mindset.

Injury Treatment

  • Adjusting chin and shoulder support
  • Posture and movement analysis
  • Release body blockage
  • Body awareness during playing
  • Discovering thought patterns
  • Learn to focus
  • Create contact

Take action!


violinists speaking

Because I had been suffering from pain complaints for 10 months after playing the violin, I followed a short coaching trajectory with Esther. To my surprise, I was relieved of my pain after three sessions! But the effect of Esther’s coaching goes much further: All kinds of blockades (of which I sometimes hardly knew I had them) have been solved. This has been especially successful thanks to Esther’s unique way of working. If she finds a problem, for example, too much tension in the left hand, she performs a motion analysis to find out where the problem originated. Where previous lecturers repeatedly repeated ‘try to relax your left hand’, Esther saw that the tension in my case actually came from my left shoulder blade. Through exercises aimed at increasing the mobility of this, it is finally possible to find the relaxation that I have not been able to achieve in the past twenty years. This is just one example, in fact I have step by step adjusted my entire playing position. That was a big challenge, but the result can be: I play a lot more freely now, so I have a lot of fun in my game and also have a better sound than ever. It is not for nothing that I have started a second coaching program with Esther !

Aafke Koffeman

Injury Treatment

Since a few years I have been a music student at UCR violin lessons from Esther. In this time I have learned a lot from her! In this way, Esther pays a lot of attention to the technique of violin and relaxation while playing (and thus preventing injuries), as well as to the interpretation of musical pieces. Esther also has attention for the individual; she takes into account that everyone is built differently, which means that some people have different needs (such as a higher chin or shoulder support) than others. Partly thanks to Esther’s instructions, I feel that I now play a much more relaxed violin, which improves development and makes playing a bit more pleasurable.

Christiaan Clement

Student Violin UCR

When I was 6 years old I started playing violin.Now I am 19 years old, and I still play. After having had three different violin teachers and having experienced their way of teaching, I ended up with Esther last year. Despite the fact that I played for 12 years, Esther has helped me enormously to ‘step up’. What do I mean by that? In a relatively short time, Esther has taught me a completely new way of playing the violin that is fully focused on relaxation. In the beginning this was sometimes very difficult, because I got the feeling that I had to ‘unlearn’ a lot of things that I had always done. After a while you will notice that all these minor changes (such as regional technique, way of holding your violin, certainty in the left hand, general awareness of your body while playing and new study strategies) will have a huge positive effect. You notice that you are going to make steps – even whole jumps – in both tone quality and in more difficult passages and / or pieces that you suddenly can handle! Besides that Esther clearly knows what she is doing, she is also very involved as a teacher. She remembers exactly what you are doing and links information about you as a person to your violin. For example, I am not allowed to be too much ‘ballerina’ while playing – I have done ballet for years. All in all Esther has given violin playing a new perspective for me, as an advanced musician.

Renee Vogels

Student Violin UCR



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